PJ Onori / Relay

Relay was a design collaboration tool hooked directly into Slack.

It allowed designers to share designs where everyone was (Slack), but store/organize them where they could be found later (Relay).

A screenshot of the main Relay user interface.
Relay made sharing designs (nearly) effortless which incentivized collaboration and transparency. Using Relay had the added benefit of visibility and a chronicle of organization activity.
A screenshot of Relay's Sketch plugin.
The service integrated with Sketch, Photoshop, Chrome & OS X to quickly and seamlessly share to Slack.
An example of the content Relay would publish to Slack.
Designs could be shared to any Slack channel to kick off a review or general conversation...
An example of how content was mirrored within Relay.
And all conversations were synced in Relay so that a papertrail was maintained long after that Slack thread was long gone.

Relay launched and was in the open market for an extraordinarily short amount of time. It soon became property of InVision through the acquisition of our company and is now offline. Bummer.