PJ Onori / Iconic

Iconic was an icon system made specifically for the modern web.

Initially concieved through a Kickstarter campaign, the icons showcased an entirely new way to think about iconography on the web. Iconic demonstrated that icons could be a living, dynamic visual language as opposed to static imagery. The icons used every ounce of what SVG provided and blending that with CSS and Javascript.

An example of Iconic's camera icon in three distinct sizes.
Iconic was likely the first responsive icon set ever made. Each icon is designed at three different sizes and every element can be individually styled. Icons could be set to dynamically change fidelity based on their given dimensions.
An example of Iconic's arrow icon in various different permutations.
The system treated icons like components before components were treated like components. Icons like arrow had direction, head style attributes that enable to be set to hundreds of different variants in realtime.
An example of how Iconic's icons could be styled by individual element.
Iconic’s documentation was unlike any other icon set’s before it. Every icon has a detailed breakdown of its structure and styling information—allowing for individual elements to be styled.

Iconic was way, way ahead of its time. It become property of InVision and is now unfortunately offline. However, you can learn more about it in its feature on WIRED.