PJ Onori

Let’s have an honest discussion about design portfolios.

Portfolios are a necessary and quite flawed representation of a person’s work. I find them to be best used as an ice-breaker as opposed to any measure of a person’s capability.

I’ve limited the work on this site to projects where I played a large role. One major problem with portfolios is that it can be incredibly difficult to unravel what part the individual played in its outcome. I omit that topic in my portfolio as I find it better to simply talk on the subject.

Some of the most important parts of design work are incredibly difficult to represent in a case study—especially if you value brevity. At this point in my career I’ve played a lot of different roles and contributed in many different ways. The output/outcomes are just one piece. I enjoy discussing my learnings from my work and how it continues to shape the way I think to this day.

Want to chat? Email me at pj@pjonori.com.