PJ Onori / Inspect

Inspect automatically makes your InVision prototype a light development spec.

I led the product strategy and direction of InVision’s design-to-dev feature. The vision for Inspect was for designer experience be its market differentiator.

A screenshot of Inspect's interface.
The magic of Inspect was that any screen synced to InVision automatically worked with Inspect. This removed the need for a “handoff phase” for designers.
A screenshot of Inspect's measurement capabilities.
Every element’s position could be measured individually or relative to another element. The goal was for Inspect’s measuring to feel as natural as day-to-day design tools.
A screenshot of Inspect's attribute display.
Visual attributes were designed to balance clear legibility with high density. The goal was for information to be quickly accessed without being overwhelming.
An example of Inspect's assets section.
All assets marked for export in design files were made available as downloadable assets in Inspect. This was a differentiating feature compared to many competitors at the time. Inspect made asset management simple and quickly accessible.
Watch a brief demo of Inspect’s product experience.

Inspect’s launch was well received by customers and showed quick adoption / high retention. It immediately expanded InVision’s value within an organization and provided utility beyond just designers. Watch the promo video or read the product description.